The first thing you need is a script. But not just any script. It has to be one that readers can't put
down, and also one they can visualize on the big screen. So before you shop your script, you
need to be sure it is really ready!!!

    1.   Does the story work?
    2.   Do your characters stand out and each have a distinct voice?
    3.   Do they grow in the course of the story?
    4.   Is the script formatted correctly?
    5.   Is it the right number of pages?
    6.   Has an Industry professional read it? (Producer, Scriptwriter
          or Script Consultant.  (Not friends or family).
    7.   Have you made all necessary changes?
    8.   Has it been proof read?
    9.   Are all rights to the project secured?
   10.  Has the script been registered with The Writers Guild of America or the US Copyright office.


Once you have a kick ass script, you need to put together a business plan that will excite the
financiers enough to make them open their checkbooks. You need to convince them that:

     1.   There is a market for your film.
     2.   You have researched the genre and potential theatrical
           grosses, and have comparable figures to show cost versus
           box office.
     3.   You have a distribution strategy in mind.
     4.   You have a plan on how to market your film.
     5.   You know where you want to film the movie. You have
           checked out various locations and found one that offers
           tax or rebate incentives, has local crews, and hotels that
           are willing to cut
           you a deal.
     6.   You have a well strategized financial plan.
     7.   You know how much capital is needed for development.
     8.   You have a breakdown and detailed shooting schedule.
     9.   You have an itemized budget that shows exactly how much
           capital is needed complete the movie.
   10.   You have a cash flow chart to illustrate funding intervals.
   11.   You have talent attached with letters of intent.


     1.   Have a professional pitch deck to sell your project.
     A.   Logline
B.   Synopsis
C.   Cast Descriptions.
D.   Mood & Setting
E.   Talent Attachments
F.   Anything else that will aid in the visualization and sale.
           box office.
Once you have all the above elements in place, your package will fall into place.    A green light is
just down the road.

With over thirty years experience in the Motion Picture and Television industry, I can help you every
step along the way. From script development through film delivery, I can help bring your dream to